Google Street View has been giving viewers peeks into cities across the world since 2007, by adorning cars, boats, snowmobiles, underwater apparatuses, and even trekkers with cameras that track the scenery they see. Now, they’ve shrunk themselves, and put a tiny camera on Miniatur Wunderland’s tiny train engine.

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With camera in tow, the Google train zips through nine areas of the massive Miniatur Wunderland terrain, where 899 other trains snake through the miniature manmade landscapes. On its journey, the train passes through vivid tableaus featuring miniature citizens of the world: patriots walking with flags in England, revelers watching a bicycle race, or German children enjoying a local carnival. The train travels through suspended overpasses through the rocky Swiss Alps, and down a hill in a residential town lit by passing fire trucks.

Each of these miniature scenes has been captured in 360 degree detail, which viewers at home can click on and explore for themselves as if they’ve jumped right into the giant diorama!

+ Miniatur Wunderland on Google Street View

+ Miniatur Wunderland

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