We all remember playing ‘Memory’ from the days of yore, and MATCH STACKS™, made by sustainable toy company Tree Hopper Toys offer a fresh, green spin on the modern-day version of the classic game. Each set of MATCH STACKS™ comes with sixteen wooden discs featuring eight pairs of designs from one of five themes: camping trip, zoo animals, transportation, in the garden, and monster match. Kids of all ages can test their wit at flipping all of the discs upside down, mixing them up, and then trying to match each pair of objects. The five versions of  MATCH STACKS™  are interchangeable, so you can collect them all and build up to quite an extensive memory game. If your tiny tot is too little to grasp the concept, he can still learn about each featured object while honing his vocabulary and verbal skills. The discs stack neatly in a small, easy to tote tube which would also make the perfect stocking stuffer. Tree Hopper Toys is a family-owned and operated business based near Chicago, Illinois. They make all of their toys by hand in their small shop using sustainable Midwestern hardwoods — and all of the energy that powers their office, warehouse, and shop, comes from 100% wind power. Don’t miss their free wooden yo-yo with every purchase!

+ Tree Hopper Toys MATCH STACKS™ $19.99

+ Tree Hopper Toys