If you have been looking for a clever way to spark your little one’s interest in gardening and the great outdoors, consider these super-cute matchstick garden sets that are not only eco friendly but biodegradable, too. Each paper matchstick holds the secret to green thumb success with a savory mix of seeds embedded at the tip for simple planting in either your backyard’s garden soil or a sunny window box. There are ten matchsticks per book, and the culinary options abound with four styles to collect and harvest: Mixed Herbs, Wildflowers, Italian Garden, and Mixed Greens. Each matchbook is a pocket-sized 3”w x 2”h, with simple planting instructions included. They will help you to cultivate some green magic as party favors, stocking stuffers, or even Halloween treats!

*We suggest that parents first talk to their kids about the difference between igniting a passion for gardening and playing with dangerous household matches, though.

+ Matchstick Garden books are available for $3.50 each from ROMP