Materia creates reusable and imaginative products made with completely biodegradable cork. Materia’s products mainly run toward adult tastes, but a few of their products, such as Furo, shown above, are kid-pleasing as well. Furo works well as a simple bowl or container in a living space or office, but it’s also a usable art object. Each leg of Furo is a colored pencil. When you place the sharpened pencil tips outward, Furo becomes a futuristic drawing device, turning out pieces of symmetrical art comparable to the popular Spirograph of the 80s. Only Furo isn’t made of plastic! Furo can also be dismantled for easy storage.

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Parents and kids alike will love Materia’s Rufo, a drum that’s all slamming fun, without the headache. A young percussionist will stay entertained while parents and neighbors enjoy the silence of this cork drum. Kids will also be enchanted with Bote, a simple boat composed by a cork hull and a plastic add-on piece (a sail, a row of engine chimneys or a cabin). Cork, being buoyant by nature will be sure to enhance bath time or rainy day puddle fun. All Materia products are made with sustainable cork, a material that’s impermeable to liquids and gases, elastic, compressible, highly resistant yet light and buoyant. Plus, we think cork makes some great modern looking toys. Materia artists predict that the Materia collection will be released by the end of September. You may contact Materia to learn more about purchasing or check back with the Materia website in October to learn more.

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