Whether it’s used to transition a child from bottle to cup, or as a way to keep messes in a moving vehicle to a minimum, there’s little doubt that the humble sippy cup is a parent’s sanity (and upholstery) saver. Made from food-grade stainless steel and #5 polypropylene, Innate’s 7.5 oz. ME-ME Stainless Steel Sippy Cup won’t corrode, rust, or leach toxic chemicals like bisphenol-A and phthalates into your Y Water.

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The neat touch? It’s designed as a modular system that adapts to your growing bairn’s changing needs, with removable handles and a lid you can swap out for a pop-top or drip guard. The stylish no-spill helpers come in two versions (with or without the rubberized grip) and your choice of three colors (Gurly Pink, Puff Blue, and Whirled Peas Green).

+ ME-ME $15; ME-ME Gripper $17 at REI

+ Innate