Remember the long underwear you wore as a kid? Scratchy, tight, and thankfully, meant to be hidden under many layers? With Mermapillar thermals, our children are in much better luck when it comes to keeping warm. Mermapillar thermals keep tots toasty and stylish when heading out into the wintry outdoors. Individually crafted in the USA, made with 100% soft organic cotton, and eco-friendly dyes, thermals are available in hues of brown, green or white. Each may be customized with one of an eclectic assortment of twenty-one appliqued “merma-critters” ranging from jack rabbits and squids to ladybugs and starfish. The Mermapillar collection also includes bibs, hats, onesies and T-shirts. Good thing, because merma-critters are so cute, you’ll want them crawling across your child’s entire wardrobe.

+ Mermapillar Thermals $26 (Sizes 6 months-24 months)

+ Mermapillar