On April 4th, Miami’s Patricia and Philip Frost Art Museum FIU invites families and children with special needs to All Kids Included- Arts for All, an Accessible Arts Experience. The family fun day will bring together a diverse group of extra special kids, as they bond while exploring their creative sides. Led by Zot Artz, the day will include special art-making tools designed especially for kids with cerebral palsy, cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophy, spina bifida and other disabilities.

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Being creative with the arts helps kids build confidence, motor skills, concentration and social interaction. All Kids Included was created to welcome kids of all abilities together, to enjoy and explore the benefits and creative fun that making art can bring. The festive event will allow parents to play along with their kids, collaboratively making art together with innovative adaptive art tools designed to allow creativity to flow.

These tools, designed by artist and inventor Dwayne Szot, fuse art making and mobility. His inventions include wheel chairs with art-making attachments like the Super Squirt, which turns a wheelchair into a giant paint brush. Kids will also get to use the Art Roller which will fill a huge field with color, Pogo Paint Poles, and a Chalk Walk and Roll.

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The inspiring All Kids Included- Arts for All, an Accessible Arts Experience event will also provide art tools and materials free of charge for participating kids, as well as a slew of activities, inspiring all kids to have fun and immerse themselves in art.

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