At the start of 2013 eco-savvy company Mibo met up with World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to discuss their next cute paper animal endeavor. The project? To create a set of 5 endangered mammals to add to their make-at-home paper animal range. Several months later the new set, aptly named “Save Our Species” arrived on the scene. This pack of DIY animal friends includes an amur leopard, a rhino, a gorilla, a panda and an orangutan. The set comes complete with an informative sheet about the plight of these endangered critters which presents an educational experience for your kids on top of an already fun and cute craft project. The animals, like other Mibo critters, are printed onto 100% post consumer waste recycled paper using vegetable based inks. Each little animal takes about 5-15 minutes to make using scissors and glue and is suitable for kiddos ages 6 and up

+ Save Our Species (UK) £9.00

+ Save Our Species (USA) $9.50

+ Mibo