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Douglas Barnhard, who also makes cabinets, patio furniture, and bread boxes, uses high end repurposed materials purchased in the United States for his adorable yet impressively handcrafted birdhouses that he makes at his workshop in Santa Cruz, California. Any passing avian would love to settle her wings for a while and then, if she were stopping at the Hawaiian-inspired Kauai House, perhaps grab one of the custom mini surfboards and hit the waves.

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Barnhard uses materials such as bamboo, redwood, and teak and then accents certain houses with brightly contrasting laminate. One of our favorites is the chic Living Wall Bauhaus, (seen below) inspired by the German art school that ran from 1919-1933. Simple and appealing in shape, it features a side wall that you can customize with your choice of succulents.

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If you have a gaggle of really glam birdies, consider the Eichleresque Atrium birdhouse: it has two birdhouses as well as an atrium area that includes a planter box for another feathered to feast from or for ornamental greenery. If you want your backyard to be a natural retreat for the mind as well as little bodies in flight, there’s the bamboo Tea House, inspired by the Japanese tea garden inside Golden Gate Park. But who are we really kidding? Every birdhouse, from the simplest-seeming cube to the 60s-style Sunnyvale, complete with screened viewing windows, is an instant backyard design pick-me-up and an inviting food stop for feathered friends.

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