Most new moms and dads race through their household in a chaotic, bleary-eyed fog, tripping over piles of laundry and trying to grab a shower the moment baby hands over the Holy Grail of parenting: the ever-elusive, long nap. But one new mom, Adele Enersen is using her baby daughter’s slumber as an opportunity to create an homage to her sweet, new life by imagining her dreams and harnessing them in pictures. Mila’s Daydreams is a treasure trove of images that manages to elevate one of the most beautiful sights: a peacefully sleeping baby, to a captured moment of brilliant art. Adele fashions whimsical worlds around her daughter as she takes her daily nap, and her “maternity leave hobby” is taking the blogosphere and the media by storm with its simple charm and ingenuity.

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Regarding her process, Adele offers, “I use only a few minutes per picture, including creating the idea, implementation and editing, ’cause I don’t want to disturb her sleeping.” It looks as though many of the items Adele uses in her spontaneous shoots are simply garnered from around the house; and clothing is often reused and re-fashioned to take on different forms, including one brilliantly devised elephant.

Adele had no idea that her blog would become such a popular destination. She created it for friends and family to be able to stay up-to-date with photos of Mila. With regard to a possible book deal showcasing her enchanting photographs the new mom shares, “…maybe someday I could publish a children’s storybook about daydreams. I know that I’m going to write those to my little girl anyway. There is always a story behind these pictures. I would be so happy if people would read them to their kids as bedtime stories and kids could see nice dreams when they sleep.”

In the meantime, we’ll certainly love watching Mila’s Daydreams unfold.

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