Breastfeeding battles have been popping up all over the news recently – Forest Park, Georgia attempted to ban breastfeeding in public for kids older than two; and a bus driver in Detroit asked a breastfeeding mother to get off the city bus. Unfounded? Yes, but whether it’s a law in the making or an evil eye from a passerby, breastfeeding moms don’t always have it easy in when it’s time for a feeding in public. That’s why artist and mom Jill Miller designed the Milk Truck, a mobile breastfeeding unit that’s part public service and part performance art to be on display at the 2011 Pittsburgh Biennial at the Andy Warhol Museum this fall.

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Miller hopes the Milk Truck can start a conversation about the basic human right of feeding a baby, breastfeeding a baby that is. She sites countless times that women are asked to leave restaurants or “cover up” while feeding. She envisions that when women are being discouraged from breastfeeding or asked to leave a public place, they simply call up the Milk Truck, which will then park its giant boob in front of said anti-breastfeeding establishment, creating a spectacle and giving the mom and comfy shelter for Baby’s next meal.

While you might think, wait a second, this is just another way to hide nursing moms behind closed doors, Miller says it’s just the opposite. More than anything, the Milk Truck brings the issue to the forefront, by rolling a giant boob and nipple through town attached to an ice cream truck. Just the sight of it may cause breastfeeding naysayers to take notice. Plus, she will encourage moms to breastfeed in front of the truck if they like, or stay in their usual public spot to do their next feeding. Miller also hopes to take the giant boob mobile on the road to public events — concerts, fairs, sporting events — to call attention to the cause and provide a nice spot to nurse.

Through July 27, Miller is raising funds for the Milk Truck on Kickstarter. She needs $10,000 to make her boob mobile dreams com true.

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