Any mother who has ever tried to breastfeed her baby will tell you that the process doesn’t always come easily or quickly. The folks over at Australian company Minbie spent 13 years testing out and trialing hundreds of designs for bottle nipples before finalizing this unique product, designed to support breastfeeding efforts and provide a painstakingly researched, natural way to bottle feed. Made from silicone that’s free of common nasties like BPA, phthalates, and lead, the Minbie nipple supports baby’s digestion, mimics a newborn’s instinctive breastfeeding process, reduces nipple confusion with its revolutionary design, and makes feeding a more peaceful part of your and your baby’s day. Each set contains two nipples (which will fit on most wide-neck baby bottles or on a Minbie-crafted bottle) and is available for preemies, newborns to three months, and three months and up. Designed to promote a strong, intuitive latch similar to breastfeeding and air-vented to adjust to your baby’s sucking motions, the Minbie’s design also helps aid digestion by encouraging the release and ingestion of natural enzymes in saliva.

+ Set of Two Minbie Nipples $18.99

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