Whether or not you subscribe to the notion that the Bauhaus school is the cornerstone of all great Modernist design, you might very well become a convert when you behold these lilliputian renditions created as a promotional showcase for the New Zealand based paint company, Renese. Crafted by Auckland sculptor Gidon Bing and styled by Katie Lockhart, we love that these design-savvy ‘dollhouses’ meld haute craft, architecture, and an eco friendly color palette with a clever wink to the Bauhaus of yore sensibility.

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Renese paint company describes that the inspiration for these super cute models came from the Bauhaus tenet of artfully combining colors from an ‘emotional point of view rather than a technical one.’ These structures evoke pure style, as the vignette and mod interior scenes match the suite of six stories created to display the Karen Walker paint chart offerings. Whether or not you have a budding architect in your household is perhaps beside the point. We just love that interior design options for kids and parents keeps overlapping in such interesting and imaginative ways.

+ Karen Walker Paints/Bauhuas Models for Renese

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