Mini Rodini‘s newest shoes for kids are right up our alley. Snatching up a pair of their 100% vegan Spot Sneakers is about as good as it gets when it comes to being an eco-conscious consumer. Available in hues of yellow, pink and blue, the shoes are comprised of a 100% GOTS and Fair Trade certified cotton upper, a 100% recycled polyester lining, an outsole made of 100% natural and FSC certified rubber, and they’re packaged in a shoe box made of recycled paper. Further, the farmers who produce the cotton to make the fabric part of the shoes are ensured fair pay, and fair working and living conditions. Additionally, the rubber producers and factories where the shoes are sewn and assembled are also ensured fair working conditions and social justice. How is a shoe 100% vegan, you ask? Aside from the obvious fact that the materials used are animal-free, Mini Rodini adds, “The fact that the shoes are 100% vegan means that no fats, oils, glue or dyes deriving from the animal kingdom are used in the manufacturing process.” The vibrant kicks feature a sewn-on panda label behind the Velcro strap closure and their airy mesh lining allows feet to breathe while their soft padding provides comfort. The rubber outsole equates to a safe grip and heel and toe are reinforced so kids can get up to all their adventures without destroying their shoes. Spot. On.

Available in sizes 23-34. Sizing guide here.

+ Mini Rodini Spot Sneakers $92

+ Mini Rodini