If you’ve ever given a present to a little girl or boy only to have them ignore it and play for hours with the box it came in, you’ll understand why these fantastical kids palaces are the perfect plaything in the eyes of a child. They’re the brainchild of one very resourceful designer, Katell Gelebart, who realized that the water tanks discarded while constructing the Dune eco resort near Pondicherry, India were just the right size and shape for fun and fanciful dwellings for little guests. Painted with palm fronds and colorful flowers and topped with ornate mini-gazebos, it’s hard to believe that these beautiful little houses started out as boring old water tanks!

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Designed by ART D’ECO, the water tank palaces follow the same line of thinking as shipping container homes but on a smaller, more manageable scale. “I have taken the opportunity to reuse all the construction waste or the waste generated by the clients everyday to make something new and needed in the resort,” says project designer, Katell Gelebart. And since the Dune Hotel was in need of a playground for their pint-sized guests, the palaces fit the bill perfectly.

The playground consists of 3 of the tanks, which are quite large — and they look like they make awesome nooks for kids to play hide and go seek, house or just read a book in the shade. We especially love the “Taj Mahal-esque” windows that have been carved out of the sides of the tanks. Hopefully, these recycled kids palaces will serve as inspiration for you if you have a spare water tank lying around!


Via Recyclart