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How do you make fabric from milk you ask? Miniature Milk extracts casein protein from cow’s milk to create a milk fiber. The final blend is 20% milk fiber and 80% organic cotton.

The neat thing about having milk fiber blended with organic cotton is that it gives the fabric extra benefits. Casein protein is made up of more than 17 amino acids and it has natural anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial qualities. So the dermatologist-approved line is great for a baby’s sensitive skin.

The Miniature Milk line includes styles in blue and purple featuring cow print, stripes, and color-banded white. You’ll find all the makings of a classic layette – onesies, rompers, hats, bibs and mitts. The line also boasts a blanket, which has an explanation of the fabric blend and its benefits printed on it.

+ Boys and Girls Layette $14.95 – $59.95

+ Miniature Milk