The beautiful and eco-minded Ovo High Chair is the perfect high chair for babies starting at six months-old — and given its thoughtful design, it evolves so that it can be used until your child is around six years of age! Ovo is made with solid beech-wood that comes from sustainably managed forests. The Micuna Ovo high chair also features a smooth round ABS plastic tray that’s removable and washable plus has a nice edge to prevent overflow and spills, a comfortable footrest that helps your little one remain balanced, and an imitation leather strap that’s smooth, safe and won’t rub into your baby’s skin.

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The rounded shape and ergonomic design of the high chair ensure a comfortable seat for baby, while high quality craftsmanship and an elegant aesthetic mean this high chair will fit into even the most modern home. At six months of age, this high chair can be used as a traditional seating option for babies learning to eat. Once your child is old enough for a real chair, this high chair coverts by removing the white feet, which results in a sleek chair for your child’s desk. The Ovo high chair seat cushion comes in a range of luscious colors including red, white, blue, beige and pink. Bonus: the packaging is not only simple and lovely, it can also be used as a toy box or other storage for your little one’s stuff.

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+ Ovo High Chair €399.00

+ Ovo by Micuna