Looking for an affordable, safe and adorable dollhouse for your child? MIO is just what you need! The MIO Deluxe Wooden House set not only meets all of the above criteria, but it comes with everything your child needs to get started with his or her dollhouse world adventures. Providing open-ended play through modular wood design, this set includes a whopping 36 wooden pieces with endless possibilities. Included in the set are two sweet bean bag body dolls, a blanket, a pillow and a drawstring storage bag. Plus, the largest dollhouse room does double duty as a storage box and the cute grassy patio turns into a lid for the box.

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If you’re looking for a true starter dollhouse, the basic MIO Wooden House offers the same modular wood play environment as the larger house, but on a smaller scale.  The smaller house comes with plenty of wooden pieces, two bean bag body dolls, a blanket, a pillow and a drawstring storage bag. Both dollhouses and the doll heads are made with natural, safe wood and are recommended for kids ages 3-years and up. Both houses also meet or exceed safety specifications set forth by ASTM International (American standard) and the BSI (European standard). For even more fun, MIO is releasing (soon) some extra doll sets, a super sweet camper doll play set and vehicles, all of which coordinate beautifully with the wooden houses.

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+ MIO Deluxe Wooden House Set with 2 Dolls $99.00

+ MIO Wooden House Set with 2 Dolls $30.00

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