If you’re in the Pacific Northwest, listen up because you may have purchased some mislabeled baby formula at a Kroger grocery store location. Melinda Merrill, spokesperson for Fred Meyer and QFC stores, reports that a customer at a Kirkland Kroger store found that a label on a container of Earth’s Best soy organic baby formula peeled off, revealing a cheaper brand underneath. In light of this development, hundreds of cans of Earth’s Best soy organic formula were pulled from the shelves of Fred Meyers and QFC store this week. As of early Thursday morning, it was still unclear what had happened — although Merrill called the double-labeling a “surprising and stunning” development, and added that there is a “Black market for baby formula, in which a cheaper brand is covered with the label of a more expensive one.” Turns out there was no black market scandal though. By late Thursday morning, Earth’s Best reported that the labels concealed underneath the new labels were actually still Earth’s Best labels. The company’s statement noted that the labels were just, “Remnants of a label that was previously affixed to the cans in error.” Earth’s Best says the products are still safe and they’re taking steps to ensure mislabeling won’t happen again. That said, Merrill reports that none of the mislabeled products will be returned to Fred Meyer or QFC grocery shelves. Instead, the stores are opting to wait for a new shipment of the formula to arrive. Merrill further notes that anyone who has purchased some of the questionably labeled formula may return it to the store for a refund or for another product.

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