Sometimes a small detail can brighten up and change the entire vibe of a room. We think these 3D pendulum clocks from Modern Moose are perfect conversation starters that will add oodles of personality wherever you put them. Product designer and developer Paul Ocepek uses bright colors and clean lines to give character and vibrancy to the pendulum clocks, which are made using a multi-step, hands-on process. After a laser jet cuts the wood, the pieces are hand sanded and prepared for a printing process that incorporates non-toxic, water-based inks. The parts are then all hand-assembled, down to the often humorous swinging pendulum parts.

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Modern Moose products are manufactured in Massachusetts using sustainably harvested Baltic Birch plywood and are refreshingly free from glue adhesives and chemical coatings. We love that there are more than twenty different design options, including a wide variety of animals such as a shark, bear, panda and squirrel. There are also apple tree and sun pendulum clocks to bring a little nature indoors, as well as a more traditional looking (but still cheeky) cuckoo clock. Paul Ocepek’s sense of humor is visible everywhere in these kitschy clocks, but especially so in the details of the pendulums. For example, the monkey clock features a swinging banana pendulum and the elephant is paired with a peanut. Whatever design you choose, these cheery pendulum clocks will add pops of color and plenty of personality. The clocks come pre-drilled with a hole for easy hanging too.

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