One of the best parts about being pregnant is listening to your baby’s heartbeat. For most expectant moms, that’s not something that happens very often, since we typically have to rely on a visit to our doctor or midwife for the opportunity (unless you’re doing your own NSTs on an Apple Watch, that is). At-home fetal monitors are available, but many are expensive or difficult to use. Modoo is a new design that puts fetal monitoring right in parents’ hands — or, to be more accurate, right on mom’s pregnant belly. This teeny tiny wearable fetal monitor enables expectant mothers to monitor their unborn child nearly 24 hours a day, if they so desire.

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Modoo says their device is the smallest fetal monitor in the world, and that is probably accurate. The small, round monitor attaches to mom’s baby bump with medical-grade adhesive, and it weighs next to nothing — about the same as your smart phone’s cord (without the charging adapter). It also has a battery life up to seven days and recharges wirelessly, so it was designed to be worn as much as desired, providing nearly round-the-clock peace of mind to expectant parents.

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After the monitor detects fetal heart tones, just like bulkier doppler monitors and other devices, it raises the stakes by tracking heart rate and movement. The Modoo monitor then communicates wirelessly with a smartphone app, allowing parents to check in on baby any time mom is wearing the device. The tiny monitor sends real-time updates to the app, where the data can be combined with manual entries of prenatal care information, which gives the expectant parents a comprehensive look at baby’s health.

Modoo is currently running a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to raise capital for manufacturing. Hilariously, the design was nine months in the making, so the launch of the crowdfunding effort was a bit like childbirth for the developers. A backing pledge of $129 will score you a Modoo fetal monitor if the campaign is fully funded. Once the units are mass produced for sale, the price will go up to $199.

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