Grooming tots to have a penchant for green architecture and an eye for good design is an effortless undertaking with the Modularean Eco House. Kids will literally have the tools for sustainable design and eco-friendly living in the palms of their hands while playing with this prefab dollhouse. Designed by David Baker and built by woodworker Julianna Sassaman, the Modularean Eco House may be the smallest prefab home on this planet, but its ‘wow’ factor is big.

”Both playful artpiece, and artful playpiece,” this low-impact, modern dollhouse is made from ecologically farmed bamboo and finished with low VOC soy resin. Kids will love setting up house with their ultra-hip dolls in this sleek, prefab miniature dwelling; and adults will enjoy it as gorgeous eye candy they wished they’d had to play with during their own childhood. The loft space is filled with light that shines upon a miniature collection of to-scale Bozart furnishings. Floor to ceiling clear panels slide from side to side to open up the house to the environment; and skylights double as a natural light source and a reach in space for hands to re-decorate and move tiny inhabitants to and fro.

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In addition to rave worthy interior aesthetics, the Modularean Eco House boasts a thoughtful connection to nature and the outdoors. “Balanced on one caster wheel, the house can be rolled onto its drought-tolerant yard of “green” orange outdoor carpeting, dotted with circular gravel basins to manage imaginary stormwater runoff.” The sculpture in the yard tops of this stunning, diminutive masterpiece which inspires imaginative play, sews the seeds of eco-living, and develops art appreciation.

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