You wouldn’t bring your own sand to the beach, but you’ll want to make it a mainstay at your home once you’ve grabbed a fistful of SAND. This hybrid play-doh and sand mixture by Brookstone is perfect for indoor/outdoor play with the kids — and it would even be therapeutic to store some at the office to keep your creative juices flowing. SAND let’s you sculpt and shape your favorite sand castles without having to visit the seaside!

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SAND sells for $19.99 for 2.2 lbs of sand and comes neatly packed in a jar. Best of all, it sticks to itself (never you… thank heavens!), is nontoxic, never dries out and doesn’t leave a mess once play is over. A novel activity for kids ages 5 and up, the opportunities to create, stack and transform what once only belonged on the beach is now an opportunity awaiting.

+ SAND $19.99

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