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The idea for the breastfeeding Barbie was born as a result of Strachan’s involvement with a mother’s group. Inspired to recreate and reflect the reality of breastfeeding and to educate children on breastfeeding, she positioned one of her dolls to include a baby nursing. On her Instagram site, she photographed the serene-looking Barbie with her baby in several breastfeeding poses as well as some accurate “messy hair don’t care” dos since, as we all know, our personal appearance isn’t typically high on the priority list when juggling life with a newborn.

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How awesome is it that instead of a bright-eyed Barbie, Strachan created one that even appears to have bags under her eyes? We’d love to see if those bags disappear and are replaced with laugh lines as the dolls and their children “age” under Strachan’s observant and reflective artistry.

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As a result of the internet’s interest, Strachan is currently a bit back-logged on doll requests. In the meantime, you can peruse Strachan’s dolls on Instagram and Facebook. She also previously created several pregnant Barbies and reimagined dolls of children as well. Check out her before and after shots from this doll to get an idea of how ridiculously overdone some kid dolls are.

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Images via All the Little Dolls’ Instagram page