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Elderkin’s napkin illustrations have run the gamut of subjects, although many of them involve plays on words and animal jokes. After the most recent election, both she and her daughter were in need of a pick-me-up in the form of strong, empowered women. Elderkin found comfort in the words of these wise women and began drawing them with renewed energy.

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Elderkin shared her illustrations on Facebook and then was amazed to find she had an audience cheering her on and encouraging her to continue drawing these positive role models. Featuring artists, activists, and explorers, Elderkin motivates her daughter and anyone who comes across her art to live fully and without fear and to embrace adventure and their inner confidence.

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We expect Elderkin’s inspirational napkin drawings will continue to strike a chord with feminists of all ages, and we look forward to seeing the women who appear in future illustrations. Elderkin has a three year-old daughter as well, so she has many more years of lunchbox art in the making.

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