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These fascinating creations began as a fun family project. Mohmedi’s first masterpiece was a lion crafted from spelt pancakes and fruit, and Jacob quickly became an active partner in his mom’s hobby-turned-cult following, suggesting characters from books, movies, or toys. He also apparently “helps” in the kitchen with food prep as well as eagerly eating most of his mom’s culinary creations. Now Mohmedi’s works have become so popular, she has begun working with brands including Disney and celebrity chef Jamie Oliver.

The creations obviously reflect perennial and current kid favorites, covering Star Wars, Frozen, Minions, Carl and Ellie from UP!, and Winnie the Pooh, but Jacob’s Food Diaries are visual candy for all ages. As wowed as we are by the way Mohmedi’s food diaries look, we’re also gobsmacked at how healthy the creations are. Instead of relying on candy or processed foods for their shapes and colors, this mom uses a huge variety of fruits and veggies for Jacob’s meals. Seriously, who ever believed such an impressive likeness of Kermit could be made from avocados on toast or a Mad Hatter that looks unbelievably like Johnny Depp, but is constructed mostly from leeks, carrots, potatoes, and eggplant? Mohmedi and her family aren’t vegetarian, but we love that many of Jacob’s meals are, and that she continually offers up tasty dishes with beans and pulses that look almost too good to eat.

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There’s no word on Mohmedi’s artistic background, but she must have gone to art school or is literally the most naturally talented artist on the planet. My artistic skills hover at the “stick figure people” level, so I’m going to hide this Instagram from my children so that they don’t know that their favorite characters can actually be recreated in food. Some of Mohmedi’s creations, such as Squirt from Finding Nemo, actually look doable for art novices. Regardless, I will take away Mohmedi’s message to make food fun, to continue exposing my kids to all sorts of foods, and to encourage creativity in some of the more unexpected aspects of our daily lives.

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