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Whalen struggled with infertility for seven years, before finally getting pregnant this year. Her patience and excitement for her new little one inspired her to take her fashion illustrations to the next level. The artist developed a lovable series of illustrations using fresh flowers, transforming the supple petals into female bodies. Adding a fashion twist, Whalen would draw designer shoes, accessories and handbags along with her “Flower women.”

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The three weeks of bed rest in Stony Brook Hospital has found Whalen working away at her easel, turning her Flower Women characters into herself. Her autobiographical drawings humorously illustrate her day to day activities in the hospital, from wishing she had a pedicure to looking forward to going for a wheelchair ride to get some fresh air.

The pieces show a glamorous and humorous take on pregnancy, while also providing some much needed therapy for Whalen who is excitedly awaiting the arrival of her son. With her new series of pregnant Flower Women, Whalen’s bed rest has blossomed into a new creative force.

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