When little girls want a doll that bears a resemblance to them, many parents turn to the American Girl series of dolls, because their collection is vast and features many varying characteristics. However, what’s a parent to do when their young son asks for a doll that resembles him? In most cases such as this you’d be out of luck, unless, that is, you’re as clever as mom, Ivette Martinez-Matejko. Martinez-Matejko’s six year-old son Nicholas is “all boy” according to his mama. He likes wrestling, sports, power tools and the like, but one day he also asked his mom for a doll. But not just any doll. Nicholas wanted a doll that looked like him and one that was from the American Girl collection due to his older sister getting a doll from the same company. Unable to find a ready-made male version of the American Girl dolls, Martinez-Matejko gathered suggestions online and created her own male American ‘Girl’ doll. With a $40 secondhand, one-eyed American Girl doll, a haircut, and some love, Martinez-Matejko was able to transform the doll into the perfect boy doll for her son. Martinez-Matejko tells Today Parents, “He was so happy when he saw the doll. When he opened his eyes and saw the doll, he was in heaven.” If you’re interested in transforming an American Girl doll into an American “Boy” for your own son or daughter, check out this detailed tutorial.

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Lead Image via Ivette Martinez-Matejko / Today Parents