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Ivermee first thought of Lugs when her young son Freddie felt self-conscious about his Cochlear implant, which enables him to hear by sending electronic sound signals to his brain. Feeling different from the other kids at school, Ivermee first thought of decorating Freddie’s device with nail stickers. The decals were a success, and soon the creative mama came up with Lugs.

Each kit, which retails for around $14, includes vinyl stickers and add-ons that let kids decorate their devices themselves. Each comes in kid-friendly designs like cartoon characters, superheroes and flowers. Kids can deck their ears with Batman symbols, characters from Star Wars, the Minions and Despicable Me, sharing their love of media on their ears. The stickers are paired with character charms, which affix to the device in the ear canal.

While wearing his Lugs, Ivermee’s son Freddie found many kids in his class wanted their own, even if they did not suffer from hearing loss. The cute accessories made him the talk of his class, turning his self-consciousness into something to be proud of.

Lugs are currently sold out, but check back to their site as Ivermee assesses the next step in her unexpected success.

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