A cancer diagnosis is a scary, life-changing event for anyone. A pediatric cancer diagnosis can be especially complicated, since little ones often don’t understand what is happening to their bodies. The hours spent getting treatment, frequent hospital visits, the hair loss, the fear of needles… little cancer warriors face all of these battles and more and are forced to deal with adult-sized problems at an early age. When Dyan Fox’s 3 year-old daughter Emma was diagnosed with cancer in late 2015, she experienced these fears and challenges firsthand and found that the best way to help her daughter through this tough time was telling her imaginative stories and helping her escape into fantasy worlds. Realizing how valuable this technique could be to the thousands of children currently living with cancer (including the nearly 40 children who are diagnosed with cancer each and every day), Fox decided to write a children’s book about the power of imagination that also functions as a safe, kid-friendly way to talk about a difficult and painful situation. The Kickstarter Campaign just launched for Amazing Annabelle, which Fox hopes will become a full-color, illustrated paperback book.

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This philanthropic and creative mom totally understands the power of the ripple effect: every funding level above $25 includes the donation of another copy of Amazing Annabelle to a pediatric cancer patient or hospital. Additionally, Fox has committed to donating 50% of any profits after the book is published to a charity that funds researchers to find more effective and less toxic treatments (and potentially a cure) for cancer. Amazing Annabelle is the first of Fox’s books, and she created Small But Mighty Books with plans of making additional books for children with a variety of serious medical conditions. This first publishing foray combines cheerful images with thoughtful and helpful rhymes. For example, one page describes how Annabelle turned her fear of the submarine-shaped MRI machine into an opportunity to pretend to be an ocean explorer.

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We sincerely hope that your family and loved ones never face a cancer diagnosis, but in addition to providing a fanciful way for cancer patients to cope and escape from their difficult situation, this book is also invaluable for helping healthy kids understand the bravery and challenges that pint-sized cancer warriors face.

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