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James-Herrick found and purchased a dollhouse online when her daughter Edie was four months-old, and set the goal of trying to finish her modifications, alterations, and improvements by Edie’s first birthday. We’d agree that building a dollhouse from scratch during maternity leave is overly ambitious, even for a pro like James-Herrick. In the end, the amount of time James-Herrick spent sourcing and making furniture and knickknacks was staggering and truly a labor of love. The finished product doesn’t resemble the original dollhouse at all. If you just glance at the interiors without having anything to reference its size, you’d think you were looking at a photo from a glossy home magazine.

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James-Herrick used her flair for the sophisticated to turn the dollhouse into a design dream, showing how a few coats of paint and handmade details like drawer handles create a chic, modern look. And she got super creative when she couldn’t find affordable dollhouse-sized pieces that jived with her artistic vision, using the mirror of a fish tank toy for the bathroom and making a wire towel rail to resemble one she had seen on a life-size scale. James-Herrick wanted her kids to find mini versions of what they see every day in their actual house so she recreated many mini pieces including artwork, lamps, and even shopping bags. Additionally, the interior designer used a 3D printer for some small design elements.

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Reupholstering a miniature sofa might be beyond most of our design grasps, but James-Herrick’s passion project inspired us to look at the world of miniatures in a whole new light for our kids and ourselves. While we may not be able to afford the house of our dreams, we can help our kiddos create a mini world with some creativity and ingenuity.

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