Kids blow through clothes like growing up is their business, and most of us would be lying if we didn’t admit to having a pile or two of their outgrown, but still-good-condition outfits stacked and packed away. A new online marketplace called MomsHood has just launched to help parents save dough and send their kids’ beloved clothes to a good-fit home where they will be used again and again. Since 85% of clothes end up in landfills, adding up to 10.5 million tons each year, MomsHood is a great alternative to trashing those too-small duds or letting them gather dust (and take up space) in the closet.

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MomsHood makes the swap super easy — they’ll even provide you with fixed rate USPS shipping boxes when you register. The program relies on reciprocal swapping, so get ready to purge: just box up 10-15 items grouped by the same size, season, and gender and then list the items on the MomsHood page. The only stipulation is common sense: only choose clothes that aren’t faded, stained or torn (i.e. clothes you wouldn’t want to get in return). When another family wants your box of clothing, MomsHood will send you a pre-paid shipping label and you can send it off via the post office or by scheduling a pick-up.

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Now that there’s some space in your kiddies’ closets, you can browse away and choose the box of clothing that you would like to purchase. The photos that accompany the listing make it simple to see exactly what you’re getting. Pick any of the available boxes for $4.95 plus $11.95 shipping, meaning each item will work out to cost less than $2.00! MomsHood even has a convenient following feature so that if there’s a parent who posts styles and sizes that you like, you can keep track whenever they make new listings.

MomsHood is offering a credit for a full swap for the first 200 boxes listed (free clothes!), so start your spring cleaning early and get ready to pick out some new-to-you goodies for your always growing tots.

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