You’ve seen it thousands of times in playgrounds: A kid consumes a snack, stray bits of food get stuck between his upper lip and nose, and his mom – without giving it much thought – licks her thumb and wipes away the offending schmutz. Gross? Well the gals behind MomSpit are betting not.

MomSpit is the genius no-rinse cleanser for hands and face that has been spitting up on the pages of magazines such as Toddler, Babytalk and Redbook. According to the MomSpit website, the product came about when a group of entrepreneurs needed to create a product they “believed in heart and soul,” something they “would use ourselves, and it had to be something premium that we really needed.” One courageous developer half-jokingly quipped during a brainstorming session, “I’ve been thinking about moms’ spit and how it can clean anything. Do you think we could bottle it and make it useful and attractive?” The rest, as they say, is history.

MomSpit products are “not tested on animals”, are “not manufactured anywhere using child labor” and do not contain actual spit “‘cause that would just be gross.” As you nod your head in agreement, you should also know that MomSpit comes in Fig & Green Tea, and Lemon & White Tea scents. There is also an unscented version that most likely smells like its ingredients (Aqua, Polysorbate 20, Dimethicone Copolyol, Propolene Glycol Chlorhexidine Digluconate, Benzalkonium Chloride), but which the website contests is “naturally naked”.

You can expect more MomSpit products in the near future, as “at MomSpit, we’re committed to developing creatively clean personal care products that bring pleasure to life’s daily routine. We’re working diligently on extending our line-up with more skincare, bath and body products.”

MomSpit comes in a 2 oz. or 7 oz. “moussing bottle” – the marketing team was smart to steer clear of the term ‘foaming’ – and is available online at and various hip retailers of baby products. Interestingly, the website encourages users to refill their MomSpit containers. I am assuming not with real spit, ‘cause that would just be gross.

+ Photos from lorijohernandez’s and banstead’s Flickr pages.