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The Los Angeles-based company creates luxury-level tables, chairs, and storage units in mid-century style, and the toy collection was born from a desire to make use of all the extra wood scraps lying around the workshop. Monroe Workshop’s lead designer and owner Matt Monroe had his two young daughters in mind when he ventured into the toy-crafting realm, and the resulting toys are sweet, sturdy, and fun for boys and girls. All of the toys manage to evoke a playful mood — who knew that a rectangular piece of wood with two wide-set hole “eyes” could be so cute?

The solid maple Robot Monkey Rocking Horse features a traditional shape in its body with some cheeky details in the form of its robot “face” and rope tail and mane. The Robot Monkey, also made from solid maple with long cotton rope arm and legs, is sturdy enough to outlast the wear and tear of active play as well as any tug-of-wars it might be the focus of. The Robot Monkey’s shape means that it can sit up, a definite plus for any Robot Monkeys who end up becoming de facto students in your child’s “classroom” (or for those Robot Monkeys who become favored companions at restaurants). The Mini Robot Horses, which come in sets of two or five and are comprised of a variety of hardwoods, are also ideal to slip into a bag or backpack for when low-tech distractions are needed while running errands or dining out. At only 4.5 inches tall, these little guys can be toted just about anywhere!

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As tempting as they are to take out on the town, Monroe Workshop’s wooden toys will become beloved additions to any home, as they will fit into any color scheme or decor style. The toys are also a great and affordable way to support a company that is a model for handcrafted, beautiful, and sustainable furniture and toys.

+ Robot Monkey $45.00

+ Robot Monkey Horse $195.00

+ Herd of Mini Robot Horses $25.00-50.00

+ Monroe Workshop

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