It’s tough being a little person in a grown-up world. To make life less of an obstacle course for the vertically challenged, Teng Chuan Tey and Romualdo Faura Bernabe from Spain have designed a wash basin that not only takes a child’s diminutive stature into account, but it also makes observing basic hygiene less of a chore. Their Mons Lavabo, a short-listed entry in Designboom’s Green Life contest, is shaped like a friendly monster that easily accommodates younger children with its sized-down proportions. Read on to see how Mons Lavabo helps kids conserve water while washing their hands!

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Made from Duralmond, a mixture of crushed almond husks that is completely biodegradable and recyclable, Mons prevents a broad, molded surface that avoids the bumping hazard that the bottoms of traditional sinks pose. To sidestep the problem of children who cannot reach the faucet — and to prevent water wastage from forgetful or lingering tots — Tey and Barnabe propose motion-detecting water controls.

Besides a wraparound design that cleverly keeps splashing to a minimum, Mons features another fun touch: its lone tooth is actually a built-in soap dispenser. Other designs include an expanded Mons that accommodates several kids at a time, as well as a model you can grow plants on top of.

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