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Monsanto, a name synonymous with Big Ag NOT organics, is changing up their game plan, perhaps in an effort to win over protesters of genetically modified foods. According to reports, Monsanto is currently producing their version of perfect lettuce, peppers, broccoli, melon, onion and watermelon via some old-fashioned crossbreeding. David Stark a Monsanto executive, is running the non-GMO division, but don’t be fooled, this new crop of produce isn’t exactly what Mother Nature intended. Instead, it’s brought from ‘lab’ to table using much of, “Monsanto’s accumulated scientific know-how to create vegetables that have all the advantages of genetically modified organisms without any of the Frankenfoods ick factor” according to Wired. Still, though these veggies are being created in a lab, they’re not going to be genetically modified at all — and as long as Monsanto manages to keep them free of pesticides they could even end up being labeled as organic produce. Stark tells Wired that he hopes that these newer veggies and fruits may break up some of Monsanto’s affiliation with GMOs and in turn, “The company might win back some trust.” Stark says, “There isn’t a reputation silver bullet, but it helps.”

I guess we’ll have to wait and see. While these new breeds are also being touted as possibly healthier and tastier, avid anti-GMO and organic advocates simply can’t stomach Monsanto and in recent years anti-GMO campaigns have taken center stage. It may be hard to win over protesters with a just a few choice produce items. For now, we’ll stick with companies who better support organic, non-GMO food across the board.

+ Source: Monsanto Is Going Organic in a Quest for the Perfect Veggie

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