Just in time for spring-minded fun and learning comes the sweeter than sweet Lady Bug Learning Playset. There are countless ways your child may use this mat and the tiny lady bugs for play and learning. For example: number to numeral identification, counting games, numeral to number manipulative counting, color sorting and organizing, complimentary color sorting and number ordering. Children play by placing these delightful little bugs on the bright flower “color wheel.” A spoon or tongs may be used to help your young child develop better hand-eye coordination. This set is also entirely handmade and all the bugs are brightly colored with a nontoxic watercolor wash and sealed with a mixture of organic beeswax and jojoba oil.

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Each Lady Bug Learning Playset includes the following:

  • One muslin play learning mat with appliquéd and embroidered felt flower petals.
  • Six additional flower petals for number to numeral matching.
  • 36 adorable little one inch wooden little ladybugs. There are six bugs in each color.
  • Each color set containing numbers 0-5.
  • A handy muslin drawstring pouch for easy clean-up and transportation.

Note, because this set is more time consuming to make it’s made-to-order and you must allow about 7-10 days from order time until it’s ready to ship. So, if ordering for a special gift, be sure to order early.

+ Lady Bug Learning Playset $65.00

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