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Additionally, in their previous business, the creators of Moba used to import large quantities of natural fiber Moses baskets for the nursery trade and experienced all of these issues first hand. This was the inspiration for Moba.

Some additional beneficial features of the Moba are:

-Holes for ventilation and air flow to baby
-Hypoallergenic, hygienic and may be wiped clean
-Ergonomic handles with soft grip
-Reinforced base for extra stability
-Light to carry
-Tough, safe and very durable and will last from generation to generation

The creators add, “We are very conscious of the environment and while we have designed a contemporary ‘man-made’ product, we have gone to great lengths to have the Moba, its liner set and mattress manufactured in the UK, therefore minimizing its carbon footprint and supporting our local industries.”

With regard to the Moba being recyclable the designers explain, “The Moba is fully recyclable. The plastic can be melted down and made into other essential products. Details on how to recycle the Moba will be provided. However, we hope that the owners of a Moba will pass it down for generations or find an alternative use for them in the home (i.e storage for toys). The last thing we want is for them to be put into landfills.”

+ Moba Moses Basket £89.99 includes mattress & liner

+ Moba

Moba Moses Baskets will be available for purchase in late fall 2012.