Mother’s Day may be over for this year, but this Mother & Daughter Letter Book Set would be a welcome gift at any time. Inspired to keep her mother’s memory alive and to start a unique tradition with her own children, Whitney Biggs created the Mother & Daughter Treasured Passages book set as a way to encourage correspondence and communication. The set of 40 cards and envelopes, printed on 100% recycled paper, are to be written and sent to and from mother and daughter. The cards contain conversation starters and prompts and will coax moms and daughters to share interesting and illuminating personal information. We imagine the sending and receiving of these cards to be savored over months and years, starting when our little ones are young and hopefully bridging the awkward and the difficult-to-communicate periods during the teenage years. Once the letters have all been sent, they can be compiled into the included book, where they will undoubtedly become a beloved heirloom.

+ Mother & Daughter Letter Book Set $40.00