If the idea of a judgmental elf watching your family at all hours and trying to catch them being naughty creeps you out a little bit, Kindness Elves are a sweet alternative. Kindness Elves emphasize sharing, gratitude, and good deeds, and they focus on the true spirit of the season: giving. Created by a mother of four who wanted to spread a message of kindness within her family as well as to others, Kindness Elves are a gentle, positive, and playful way to promote appreciation and to spread a feeling of thankfulness at home or in the classroom.

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The elves, which are available in dark or light wood and a variety of colored outfits, come with a house that was designed by an actual architect. Kids will love playing creatively with these little figures, but the real message of Kindness Elves, however, is to encourage children to perform acts of kindness and to cultivate mindfulness about gratitude. The Elves’ house has a working mail box, so kids and elves can correspond throughout the season. Instead of focusing on bad behaviors, the Kindness Elves leave messages when they notice kids have performed good deeds, whether they be sharing a toy with a sibling or helping a neighbor put up holiday decorations. The Elves can also offer age-appropriate suggestions for kids to brighten the world around them, including organizing a warm coat drive at school or remembering to say thank you when given a holiday gift or treat. For busy parents elves, there is also an accessories pack that comes with dozens of suggestions for acts of kindness, stickers, a memory book, and mini postcards for the elves to write to children. Unlike some of their counterparts, the Kindness Elves don’t have to leave after the winter holidays. Being and acting kind is in season all year long.

Order your Kindness Elves now, as there are limited quantities available, and you’ll want them to arrive in time for the holiday season!

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