Who says teddy bears are just for kids? We can see these gargantuan-headed teddies at home on a four poster bed as much as in a toddler bed. The unembellished  and cheekily humorous Mrs Jermyn’s “tedi” bears, upcycled from men’s button-down shirts, won us over immediately. The bears, which all look like they are dressed up for a day at the office, are even individually named, so jump on over to Mrs Jermyn’s Etsy site and see whether sleek, wine-colored mr. Kalevi, blue and white striped mr. Morten, or gingham mr George (or any of the other dozen plus options) speaks to your tastes. If the Papa Bear in your house has a well-loved shirt, contact Mrs Jermyn to create a custom mr. Special bear from it. We think one of these Tedi bears would be a perfect gift – whether it’s from Daddy…or or for him!

+ Upcycled “Tedi” Bears $75.00

+ Mrs Jermyn

 Via Design Milk