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The first set that caught our eye was the Playing with LEGO Bricks and Paper Animal Set. Kids combine their colored artwork and cut paper with LEGO bricks, inspiring them to make 3-D giraffes, elephants and other animals as well as their habitats. The set comes with 127 bricks (enough for quite the menagerie!) and six pieces of paper, and once that’s gone you can tap into the “recycling paper” drawer at your house. We love that kids can keep creating, scrapping their creations and then creating again! For kids scratching their heads on where to begin, the set also comes with a pamphlet featuring possible creations and examples.

+ Playing with LEGO Bricks and Paper Animals Set from Muji $19.50

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Big siblings and parents will be begging to help out or make their own creations with the On the Move set. With 109 bricks and seven sheets of paper included, your little ones can build airplanes, helicopters, whirligigs, or anything else with moving parts. Watch as their new designs take them to entirely new places (which they can also create using the materials in the set)!

+ Playing With LEGO Bricks and Paper On the Move Set $20.50

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The sky is the limit with this animal and vehicle set, which comes with a helpful guide showing how to make canoes, rockets, and all sorts of creatures. With 196 blocks and 12 sheets of paper, consider clearing your schedules for the rest of the afternoon (or weekend) as your little one gets lost in his own world of creation. Making dioramas and scenes will keep the fun going for hours.

+ Playing with LEGO Bricks and Paper: Animal and Vehicle Set $20.50

muji sets, creative play, muji lego collaborationThe basic set comes with 64 bricks and 8 papers. Wonderful for younger kids, the basic set encourages kids to dream up sweet animals with moving wings as well as other simple 3-D figures.

+Basic Set 19.50

For ages 6 and up. LEGO puncher sold separately.

+ LEGO Hole Puncher $17.50