Mealtime may have just gotten a little easier with the Munch Eco Hero Feeding Set — in any case, it certainly got cuter! But the Munch Eco Hero Feeding Set is more than just a pretty face — the entire stackable set is comprised of rice husks and is biodegradable, BPA-free, and tree free. Durable rice husk is a by-product of the rice production process. About 125 million tons of it are produced each year and much of it is burned, resulting in environmental hazards including carbon dioxide pollution and soil degradation. The crew at Munch Cupboard instead uses the husks, combined with a starch binder, to create a dishwasher safe, plastic-free set, which includes a cup with handles, a fork, a spoon, a bowl, and a plate. The Munch Eco Hero set also comes with a little non-slip mat to keep messes and spills at a minimum.  Although the set was designed for toddlers, we would definitely use it to pack school lunches for our older kids. Who wouldn’t like to see this friendly little face at mealtime every day?

+ Munch Eco Hero Feeding Set from $35.25

via Small For Big