Located in beautiful Malibu Canyon between Malibu and Calabasas, California, the MUSE School is anchored on 22 breathtaking acres abutting the Santa Monica Mountain conservation lands and is already one of the greenest campuses in the United States. Now MUSE is going one giant environmentally conscious step further by transitioning to all-vegan meals. Currently, the school’s students, children from ages 2-14, already eat one lunch a week that’s entirely plant-based, but MUSE plans on expanding the vegan menu to five days a week by 2015 which will make it the very first vegan school in the nation.

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Suzy Amis Cameron and her sister, Rebecca Amis, who run the school, note that they’re not really trying to convert their students to a vegan lifestyle, but that they are interested in further reducing the school’s carbon footprint while serving up healthy meals. Amis Cameron tells ABC News, “We walk our walk in so many areas and this just takes us to another level.” MUSE going vegan is exciting news, but just as exemplary is the fact that the students grow quite a bit of their own food right on campus though the MUSE Seed-to-Table program. MUSE students spend a good amount of time learning to grow, prep and cook the food grown on campus, adding a whole other dimension to sustainability and healthy meals for the students. We hope other schools across America see fit to follow suit and start serving more plant-based meals to their students.

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