What could be more charming and entertaining for your child than having a set of dolls made in your family’s likeness to play with in his/her dollhouse and playroom? My Little Family Dolls may be fully customized to resemble the adults, children, babies and pets in your clan. You can choose their hair color and hairstyle, eye color, outfit and shoes, as selected from a huge variety of fabric choices. The soft, durable dolls are comprised of 100% organic cotton and hemp, and their designer fabric clothing is 100% cotton and free motion embroidered. When you order two or more dolls, they arrive in a handy drawstring bag to keep them safe and totally portable for myriad adventures. My Little Family Dolls would also make great gifts for children going back and forth between two homes, carrying a bespoke doll of mom, dad or siblings with them in both directions. These dolls would also be helpful for role playing to discuss feelings and resolve disputes. Once your child outgrows playing with the dolls, they’ll live on in perpetuity as darling keepsake decor. Note: there is a four week turnaround time for doll orders and they ship from Australia.

+ My Little Family Dolls $6.50-$20

+ Little Pouts