Urban apartment dwellers and families co-existing in small spaces take note! Designer Liya Mairson has solved the issue of not having enough room to build a playhouse, or dedicate a full-time play area in your home to your kids, with her pop-up and collapsible cardboard play abode, ‘My Space.’ Children may easily construct and then tuck away this 100% recyclable nifty niche on a whim! When expanded, accordion-like, the multi-panel setup becomes a world unto itself, complete with cutout windows, working door flaps, and pop-out shelves.

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Mairson says that children can fully operate ‘My Space,’ which is designed for kids ages 3 to 6, opening, closing and moving it without adult assistance. The user-friendly, durable nook is designed to be a blank and versatile backdrop for children to use their toys and belongings to create different worlds derived from their imagination. When not being enjoyed, ‘My Space’ conveniently folds up to fit under a single bed or behind a door.

Imagine living in a giant pop-up book and you’ll get the basic drift of “My Space.” Check out the video below to see how it works. We should all be so lucky to have this handy haven to retreat to when we want an escape from the norm!

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via Design Boom