My Sust House is an educational green design website for kids and boy does it take the cake in terms of cuteness. We all want to do good and live green of course, but sustainability is made infinitely more appealing by cutey-cute anime style cartoon narrators with charming Scottish accents. Created as an educational tool for teachers and parents, the online game is dedicated to exploring “what sustainability means and how it relates to our homes.”

My Sustainable House: Intro Page; Sust Website

Aptly suited to tech-savvy kids ages nine and up, My Sust House features two different games, and both can be played individually or in groups. The first looks at ways of creating a more sustainable environment in general, and the second requires kids to build a virtual sustainable house.

While this project was created to target the 5-14 curriculum in the UK, the My Sust House games could really be used anywhere in the world as an educational tool for kids (and grownups who appreciate a dose of cuteness).

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