Toddlers may barely grasp the concept of cleanup time, but designer Tzung-Yu Lu’s “monster on wheels” could go a long way to making it seem more play than work. Although his Toy Guardian is only a concept at this point (alas!), it’s already received an IDEA Award from the Industrial Designers Society of America for its ingenuity.

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Anyone who’s faced the post-apocalyptic wasteland that is a two-year-old’s playroom will easily see why. Not only is the Guardian a snarling, gnashing beast that is hungry for toys, but it also includes wheels, a handle, and a seat so that it doubles as a pull- and ride-along toy.

Your child puts his toys away by feeding the Guardian through its large maw, which is bordered with soft EVA teeth that are gentle on toys. Toys can also be accessed by lifting the top to reveal the Guardian’s “stomach.” If space is tight, the Guardian can be propped up on its end for the night, preferably on a full belly.

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