Little ones always seem delighted by the creepy crawlies they see outside, and it’s easy to bring some of that buggy fun inside with Juba Wooden Caterpillars from Naef. Luckily, Juba caterpillars are less slimy than the real thing, but their squirmy movements will still enchant your tot. A flexible rubber thread tucked safely inside the Juba allows these little guys to twist and turn into different positions just like a real crawling caterpillar. Naef toys are child-safe and made with high-quality wood from environmentally-friendly plantations and finished with non-toxic paint. Juba Wooden Caterpillars have adorable, wide-eyed peepers and come in four vibrant colors: green, blue, red, and orange.

+ Juba Wooden Caterpillars $48

+ Naef