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The process for making these magic moments a reality goes like this, Toyakazu comes up with a concept, he then creates outfits and props for Kanna to wear and use. After the prep work is complete the duo hit the streets, and by streets we mean an industrial looking road that has been renamed by Toyakazu’s Flickr followers as “magic road.”

Prior to Photogenic Princess Toyakazu’s first addition of Kanna’s adventures were captured in an ongoing series called “My Daughter Kanna,” that was previously featured on Life magazine’s tumbler feed. In addition to pictures of just Kanna, Toyakazu has many more charming family photos on his Flickr page. It was hard for us not to fall in love with these two at first sight, and we are pretty certain you’ll feel exactly the same way.

+ Nagano Toyokazu

All images © Nagano Toyokazu

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